An uneasy conversation about homosexuality


On Eureka Street TV a few weeks ago Judge Michael Kirby introduced and launched Five Uneasy Pieces (FUP), a book about Scripture and sexuality.

Australasian Anglican scholars responded to FUP with a collection of writings called Sexegesis: An Evangelical Response to Five Uneasy Pieces on Homosexuality, Gordon Preece being one of the co-editors.

He writes that “Sexegesis is literally exegesis or reading out from texts on (homo)sex. We argue that the Five Uneasy Pieces (FUP) advocating a revisionist reading of the Bible on homosexuality, do not – apart from Meg Warner and Alan Cadwallader’s pieces – really do exegesis”.

Rev Dr Gordon Preece is Director of Ethos: Evangelical Alliance Centre for Christianity and Society.

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