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One Response to Harawira seen to be fulfilling Ratana’s prophecy

  1. Jim Maraku says:

    Comments made by the Ratana Minister is one that should of identified the person
    to whom this pito pito korero was originally directed to without first connecting the
    dots to Hone Harawira.
    Tariana on the other hand is correct by stating
    I would have thought that any position purporting to be the views of Te Haahi
    Ratana would have come forth from the Tumuaki, Hare Meihana.
    Just recently, I attended the Mana Party Interim Hui in Ratana and quoted the
    views of Te Tumuaki Ote Haahi Ratana – TWR Hura – now deceased,
    stating that she personally appointed whaea – Te Rehita Ote Haahi Ratana Maraku
    to deliver her message to Hui Whakapumau (Synod). That message related to.
    (A) Te Rito
    (B) The Original Four Quarters under the Body of Te Mangai
    (C) Conclusion of The Office / Nga Koata Komiti
    and finally an answer to Matiu Rata in providng him with firm
    understanding that the mana of PiriWiriTua had returned back to Te Temepara and
    that Te Rito stands in favor of Nga Reo.
    In this interim hui, there was a mix of Ratana and non-Ratana residents
    some of whom were not present at Hui Whakapumau to hear this important
    Secondly, I spoke with a Ratana Archivist – who confirms that the prophecy
    was originally directed to MeteKeepa of Te Aupouri – Northland and not Hone
    Harawira which is far from what the Ratana Minister Believes
    hence The reason why it is said..The Dots Donot Connect To Hone Harawira.
    I say Give this one back to the people of Te Aupouri to reflect back to and to comment on.