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3 Responses to Cardinals explore ministry to divorced and remarried

  1. Jack says:

    Now that Cardinal Pell has gone, there is no Cardinal in Australasia or the South Pacific.

    Yes, fix the Church, but Pope Francis, please remember us 'down under'.

    I seem to recall Archbishop John Dew raising the pastoral care of divorced and remarried Catholics, a couple of years back at a synod in Rome. Also from memory, it didn't go down all that well.

    I wonder if at that time he received support from the then Cardinal Bergoglio?

    My times have changed.

    While some speculated about the possibility of Archbishop Dew getting a red hat at yesterday's event, it wasn't to be. I guess time will tell.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      I doubt it Jack, Francis never had much to say at all about many things as prelate in Argentina until democracy was installed and military rule was all over by bar the shouting.

  2. Bill says:

    With one in three marriages falling apart under age 25 and one in five collapsing after that age, the present rule of the Church in refusing the Sacrament is going to create a lot of bitter dissidents.

    In a case I know of a man was divorced by his wife against his will. He stayed single for 6 years, then fell in love and married again. His wife converted to the Faith and both have have tried to live very Christian lives. Would you deny them the sacraments?