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3 Responses to Pope moves Cardinal Burke out of Roman Curia

  1. Maurice O'Reilly says:

    Technically he was not re-appointed for a further five-year tenure, and this is not unprecedented. However the failure to appoint him to a position of similar importance does imply a demotion.

    Cardinal Burke’s delight in dressing up in elaborate robes contrasts sharply with the simpler style favoured by Pope Francis and his aggressive attacks on any real or imagined new evaluation of Church doctrine or discipline must have made him a difficult Curial colleague.

    May he enjoy his new role and the opportunity he now has for prayer and reflection {and please keep him away from Oprah and other talk show hosts]

  2. Jan says:

    Many are showing their support for Cardinal Burke, over 20,000 have signed a Lifesite petition thanking him for his work of service to the Church. Lifesite says:

    LifeSite’s petition to send a message of gratitude to Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke for his leadership has garnered over 19,000 signatures, and gaining. Despite the presumptions of the secular news media, there are a LOT of Catholics who love their Church, who love the teachings of the Church on sexuality and family, and who love Cardinal Burke.

    As someone who has had the honor of meeting with him several times, I can add my witness to that of countless others whom he has graciously and kindly met, and say that he is one who truly is a “prince of the Church,” a kindly intelligent and courageous man who loves Christ and loves the Truth, and will betray neither for political convenience or to be lauded and praised by a world that hates both.

    There are Catholics around the world who are grateful for the courage and fortitude of Cardinal Burke, who must by now, as any man would, be feeling somewhat embattled. And in this we feel a deep sense of companionship with the eminent cardinal who has for so long stood like a bulwark against the strange and disturbing trends within the Church, that were never more evident than at last month’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishops.

  3. Tainui-Tony says:

    Yeah but the prince's clothing prefferences are a worry? https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=cardinal+burke&…