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6 Responses to NZ bishops support Kiwi military trainers going to Iraq

  1. Donna Te Amo says:

    There are plenty of countries committing inhumane acts on our fellow humans yet we are not going to 'train' other soldiers. Why are the Bishops supporting this? Another PR disaster!! I agree with the Peace Movement Aotearoa's stance!

  2. Patricia Kane says:

    It is good that humanitarian aid may now be sent to Syria and Lebanon, but it seems an afterthought to the deployment of troops. How can 16 trainers make any difference to the Iraqi army? It will only make NZ a target. I stand with Peace Movement Aotearoa and Kevin McBride and Fr Peter Murnane OP in opposing sending any soldiers to that war. 'Licit' war may be theoretically possible, but not in this instance – it is a fight to grab Iraq's oil resources for the West. I am deeply disappointed by the NZ Bishops precipitate approval.

  3. TainuiTony says:

    Last year I heard Professor Falk a former UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967. He was talking about the prospects for peace in the Middle East. He said the situation is more complex than we think and our media portray. He argued that there is a need to put time into developing understanding of the perspectives of the diverse parties in the area and stated that to be successful, local people need to lead the development of their own solutions. He added that the evidence is that military solutions have failed to achieve peace in the Middle East and on a wider front throughout history, have been shown to fail as well. That is why I support the stand taken by the Peace Movement Aotearoa.

  4. M Stanton says:

    This is a most regrettable move by the Bishops' Conference. There are many Catholics who would oppose the deployment of troops to Iraq. The argument against has been well documented by the other respondents.

  5. Kath says:

    All we read or hear from experts in Islamic religion underlines what we instinctively feel – that our military engagement at any level in this war can do nothing to protect the innocent, but will only fan the flames of fundamentalist hatred of the West and provide a propaganda weapon to IS.
    I feel dismayed that our Bishops have by this statement appeared to condone Western military engagement. As they so rightly say, we can offer humanitarian aid. This is where New Zealand should try its very hardest to make a difference for the better. Any other involvement seriously risks prolonging the killing.

  6. Paul says:

    It is interesting that our bishops, and I suppose that includes our cardinal, agrees with a unilateral decision of the Prime Minister.

    One he was not prepared to bring to a democratic vote in Parliament.

    What next; promote him to Pope? (We have vote there now!) How much of our planned giving envelopes was given as a donation to the National Party?