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3 Responses to Bishop Drennan, ‘thumbs up’. Two ‘thumbs up’ to Bishop Campbell

  1. Montague Bamford says:

    While I agree that some of the collects are a little clumsy, it is important not to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water.’ It is important that, if the translation is revised, the rich scriptural and theological imagery of the texts in the current missal are maintained. For example, the response of the centurion in Mat. 8:8 should be maintained. The priest and assembly are addressing Almighty God in these texts and the language used should reflect this.

  2. Katalin Ajzner says:

    I am not a native English speaker therefore an outsider to this discussion and unable to comment on just how clunky the current translation is. But I have been attending the English Mass in Christchurch for over a decade now and have been slightly baffled by it and by the debate surrounding it ever since.

    Bishop Drennan’s article clarified how the current translation came about and Fr Murphy’s article provides useful links to the ICEL translation but neither explains the origins of the previous translation which seems more similar to ICEL but not the same.

    Put it simply New Zealand Catholics were not given the same Mass as everybody else. Bits were missing or were different where transplanting the Latin into English does not seem particularly difficult. Soon after you realised there was no soul in “And also with you” you found yourself striking your breast where the text was simply missing. And so it continued.

    I now understand the sociolinguistic reasons more than I did in the beginning. But the Mass does not belong to the English speaking community only however influential that is. It is a translation and if it was any other text – legal document, user manual, even a novel – it would be unprofessional and potentially misleading to translate it taking so much liberty with the original text.

    If a better translation than the current one is necessary can you make it natural, beautiful and accurate please?

  3. Maria says:

    Its just a political football.