Priest confesses drive-through Confessional, an April Fool’s joke

The inventor of the drive-through confessional has himself confessed to the idea being an April Fool’s joke.

The brain-child of Australian priest, Fr Bob McGuire, he said he was wanting to get with the times.

“We’d do it (confession) like the fast food joints, because there’d be a menu, the 7 deadly sins. They’d be numbered.”

“They’ve only got a minute”.

From 6.30am, sinners will repent at a mobile unit dubbed the Hopemobile in the St Peter and Paul’s church driveway, confessing, for instance, to three No.7s and a No.4.

McGuire said the coded response was meant to maintain confidentiality.

The idea was people would drive up to the mobile confessional, tell their sins from the numbered list and then McGuire “would give them a spray.”

McGuire promised the spray would be water, not verbal.

“They’d drive away feeling refreshed and restored, smelling of roses, because it’s rose water,” Maguire said.

McGuire promised a flashing green light to signal when the driver’s sins were forgiven.

Looking for a more permanent set-up McGuire said it should be in place by Easter. He is however hoping for a sponsor to cover set-up costs.

McGuire ran a trial of drive-by prayer three weeks ago, on Ash Wednesday, but gave it up for Lent.


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