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Champion of independent journalism … yeah right

Are we getting independent journalism – or are we dished up partial, pre-judged censorship? Christchurch-based pro-life group Right to Life (RtL) thinks the latter. It is challenging Scoop media’s coverage of the US Supreme Court leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s decision on Roe v Wade. Scoop New Zealand Internet news site is censoring information that Read more

Kiwi tech addresses modern slavery in NZ

Tough new modern slavery legislation is near at hand. So is some straight-aiming Kiwi tech, with its sights on spotting exploited workers. Bosses who like to turn staff into slaves should think again. New legislation By the end of the year New Zealand is likely to have new legislation to combat modern slavery. Submissions on Read more

Analysis and Comment

‘My Body Is Not a Prayer Request’ imagining a disability centered church


“God told me to pray for you!” is about the last thing Amy Kenny wants to hear when she cruises into church riding Diana, the mobility scooter she has named after Wonder Woman. It’s not that she has anything against prayer. Kenny, a Shakespeare scholar and lecturer at the University of California, Riverside who is Read more

LGBTQ+ and ideological agenda


There are men and women whose attraction is to the same sex, who just get on with their lives, often with the support of others of the same disposition, and in many cases living chastely. This essay is not about them. Rather, it is about those who have an ideological agenda. Yet, in either case, Read more

Social science research can replace no-longer-effective answers to no-longer existing problems

living in the world

The Gospels contain quotes attributed to Jesus that do not always agree with each other. Sometimes the differences are insignificant, a matter of wording. In other cases, the versions radically differ from one another. In yet other cases, the evidence is strong that a saying is not what scholars call ipsissima verba, the very words Read more

War’s deadly distractions

Child labour

War is deadly. While this is an obvious fact regarding those who fight, it is less obvious regarding the life and death plight of many non-combatants trapped within battle zones. And even less obvious are war’s deadly effects on countless poor people far removed from the fighting. The Russian-Ukrainian war is a case in point. Read more

Make the past the source of inspiration, not the destination

We need to use the past as a source of inspiration while moving forward, instead of wanting to go back to the way things were in the past, says Pope Francis. It’s not Christian. Wanting to go back in time is different from drawing inspiration from one’s roots in order to move forward with Christ. Read more

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    • Museum challenged to make a new Shroud of Turin

      Movie director David Rolfe offered to give the British Museum one million dollars if it can make a new Shroud of Turin. Rolfe posited that if the shroud is the handiwork of “a medieval conman” as the Museum suggests, then Read more
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  • The horror story of forced organ harvesting

    Forced organ harvesting is a real life “horror story”. It’s not a Stephen King plot. It’s a hideous business affecting tens of thousands of individuals of “various religions” in China. They’re being killed for their for body parts, including skin. The Western medical community is enabling the crimes by using the organs. The facts were Read more

  • Anglicans and Presbyterians ‘valued traveling companions’

    Members of the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches are among the Catholic Church’s “valued traveling companions”, says Pope Francis. Speaking to the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Dialogue Commission (ARCIC) last Friday, Francis said he hoped that Anglicans would contribute to the two-year initiative leading to the Synod on Synodality in Rome in 2023. “For this common journey Read more

  • Parents and church clash over school values

    Parents and church clash

    Under rules recently set by the Sydney Anglican diocese, the next principal of Australia’s oldest private girls’ school can accept the job only if they agree that marriage is just between a man and a woman. St Catherine’s is in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, where more than 80 per cent of residents supported same-sex marriage in Read more

  • Sri Lankan religious leaders criticise new PM’s appointment as protests continue

    Sri Lankan religious leaders

    Sri Lankan religious leaders, including Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, have criticised the president’s appointment of a new prime minister as unconstitutional and unethical. “The decision to appoint [Ranil] Wickremesinghe as the prime minister is in complete opposition to the will and aspirations of the people,” said Cardinal Ranjith after the announcement was made through the media Read more

  • Arrest of Hong Kong Cardinal a signal of worse to come

    Chinese Catholics fear worse

    Catholics from mainland China fear the arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen in Hong Kong is an act of intimidation and a sign of hardening attitudes by authorities. Cardinal Zen, 90, is one of four people detained for being associated with a now-defunct fund that helped protesters in financial need. The fund was set up to Read more