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Delighted congratulations for Samoa-Apia’s new archbishop-elect


Samoa-Apia’s new Archbishop-elect is much-loved West Auckland parish priest Fr Mosese Tui. The Samoan-born, raised and ordained priest (pictured) will replace Archbishop Alapati Lui Mata’eliga who died in April last year. Tui’s episcopal ordination is expected to take place on 22 August 2024. Delighted response The move has been met with widespread acclaim and congratulations Read more

Archdiocese embarks on adult formation programme

adult formation

A new lay adult formation programme “Called and Equipped” will start in the Wellington archdiocese next year. The year-long programme is based on the premise that ministry and service arise from a life of intentional discipleship, says Lucienne Hensel from the Church Mission team. About the programme Hensel says it is not an academic course. Read more

Analysis and Comment

Deacons, the diaconate and women deacons

Deacons - Diaconate - Women deacons

Dr Phyllis Zagano and Dr Joe Grayland discuss the diaconate, the actual need for deacons and women deacons. Joe Grayland – What’s the point of having deacons You’ve written a lot about the diaconate and women as deacons. So I’m going to start because, coming with a little bit of a parish priest appreciation, it’s Read more

In defense of the “Normal Catholic”


After the second time I appeared on CNN, an anonymous Twitter user tweeted at me: “What makes you so qualified to go on there talking about Catholicism?” The topic I had commented on? Having children. Me, a Catholic mother, seem imminently qualified to speak on such a thing, but still, this faceless follower without a Read more

Only A Feminine Touch Can Fix The Church Before It Becomes Extinct

the Church

Feminist theologian Dr Niamh M. Middleton has repeatedly warned that both the Church of England and Catholic Church, which have seen dwindling congregations for decades, face extinction within 30 years. That is, unless they radically reform to give equal standing to women. Dr Middleton, author of Jesus and Women, tells The London Economic (TLE) digital Read more

I am a gay priest. We need more than an apology for Pope Francis’ homophobic slur

gay priest

I am a gay priest who is publicly open about belonging to the L.G.B.T.Q. community. As a gay man, I was shocked and saddened by the Holy Father’s reported use of an offensive slur during a discussion with Italian bishops. While ostensibly justifying a policy of refusing to accept gay men into seminaries, the pope Read more

Wellington’s Catholic marae earthquake-prone status lacks clarity

Catholic marae

What being deemed earthquake-prone means to Wellington’s Catholic marae is a question owners, trustees, occupants and visitors want answered. Trustees say there’s a lack of clarity about the marae building’s earthquake-prone status. Processes and priorities vary throughout the country it seems, with various councils managing engineering inspections and subsequent instructions differently. Under the earthquake-prone building Read more

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    • World’s smallest statue of the Virgin Mary

      Many Bolivian believers consider the ‘Virgen del Calvario de Letanías’ as more than just a statue—it is a symbol of deep devotion. They believe that this small image of the Virgin Mary, measuring less than four centimetres, is the smallest Read more
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  • Record 120 million people forcibly displaced globally

    Forcibly displaced

    The United Nations has reported a record-breaking 120 million people are currently living forcibly displaced by war, violence and persecution. Revealed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on 13 June, this alarming figure underscores a growing global crisis. The UNHCR attributed the surge in displacement to ongoing conflicts in regions such as Read more

  • Pope Francis urges G7 to balance AI benefits and risks

    Pope Francis G7

    Pope Francis addressed the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy, where he gave a speech focusing on the complex impact of artificial intelligence (AI), emphasising its significant potential and considerable risks. Francis is the first Pope to address the forum, bringing together leaders of the US, UK, Italy, France, Canada, Germany and Japan. The Pope was Read more

  • Pride parade participants mock Pope in Rome

    Rome LGBTQ+ Pride

    The Rome LGBTQ+ Pride parade celebrated its 30th anniversary on Saturday with tens of thousands marching through the Italian capital, many waving banners poking fun at Pope Francis. “Attention, from here on high levels of faggotry” read one sign on a motorcycle. A man dressed as Pope Francis held a sign stating “There is too Read more

  • Punk rock guitarist and a cop ordained

    ordained priests

    Two newly ordained priests – one a former punk rock guitarist and the other a former policeman – spoke at their ordination of serving and accompanying others. The pair were ordained at the Cathedral of Prato, Italy earlier this month. Service and accompaniment The newly ordained Father Giulio Vanucci said while he had enjoyed being Read more

  • Pope spoke of unity through laughter at ‘conclave of comedians’


    The Pope offered a global gathering – jokingly described as a ‘conclave of comedians’ – a cheerful welcome and a serious message when they met him at the Vatican last Friday. Pope Francis had invited the 107 comics, stand-up comedians and humorists to the meeting. They included Sister Act star Whoopi Goldberg and big name Read more