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Christchurch diocese has illicit order of nuns in residence

Christchurch diocese

Christchurch diocese has a little known apparently illicit order of nuns living in plain sight and appealing for donations for their work. Although the women claim to be Catholic nuns called The Daughters of The Most Holy Redeemer, the Church does not recognise them. A Christchurch diocese spokesperson says the Sons of The Most Holy Read more

St Peter’s principal’s significant impact praised

St Peter's

Anita Asumadu, the principal of St Peter’s Catholic School in Cambridge, is surely going to be missed. Asumadu (pictured surrounded by pupils) made a positive difference to St Peter’s during her 10-year leadership term, the Cambridge News says. A quick scan of her achievements show she has done the school community proud. When she was Read more

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During the Eucharistic Revival, let’s remember that the Eucharist is for everyone


The U.S. bishops hope to revive the significance of the Eucharist in the life of the Catholic Church. There is a deep concern that many of the faithful lack a proper understanding of the sacrament. Some recent polls point out this lack of understanding. For example, a 2019 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center Read more

National Catholic gatherings in Trieste and Indianapolis: A tale of two churches


In the same month of July, in the two countries I spend most of my time and I know best, the United States and Italy, Catholics held important national gatherings. Looking at them from a distance, not as an active participant, but knowing personally or professionally many of the speakers, has been an instructive experience Read more

In consideration of a female diaconate, look to Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

This week the Church celebrates the feast of Mary Magdalene, at a time when Catholicism finds itself in a definitive moment concerning the roles of women. Women’s leadership in the Church In May, the first-ever deaconess was ordained in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Less than two weeks ago, the Vatican held a press conference announcing Read more

Data and the Traditional Latin Mass

Traditional Latin Mass

Recently rumors have been flying that Pope Francis is preparing to impose stringent restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass. Of course, unfounded rumors out of the Vatican are not new, and some journalists have not been able to identify anybody who has actually seen the document in question. Still, even if it ends up being Read more

Priest defrocked – NZ Bishops ensuring more accountability

Abuse in church contexts “has been a widespread problem” that is now being dealt with, according to Professor David Tombs, the Howard Paterson Chair of Theology and Public Issues at the University of Otago. It’s been prevalent in the Catholic Church, in other churches and within wider society, he says. Tomb’s view is shared by Read more

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    • Chasseur sauce was invented by a Pope … sort of

      In classic French cooking you have five mother sauces, namely bechamel, veloute, espagnole, tomato, and hollandaise. Then there are other sauces based on the Big Five. One surprising sauce factoid, however, involves a man who seems to have invented a Read more
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  • Texan Carmelite nuns seek pastoral care from suspended priests

    A community of Carmelite nuns in Arlington, Texas have permitted two priests to celebrate Mass in their convent despite the priests being suspended on suspicion of abuse. Bishop Michael Olson of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas revealed that the priests have been serving as chaplains to the nuns without authorisation. The priests, the bishop Read more

  • Trump’s assassination survival spurs religious fervour

    religious fervour

    The Republican National Convention (RNC) has seen an unprecedented surge in religious fervour following former President Donald Trump’s narrow escape from an assassination attempt. Trump’s supporters have attributed his survival to divine intervention, heightening the event’s religious fervour. Traditionally, invocations at political conventions are confined to opening and closing prayers. This year, however, Trump’s near-death experience Read more

  • Ukraine advances ban on Moscow-linked Orthodox Church

    Ukraine is progressing towards banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), a move that Moscow sees as an attack on religious freedom. On Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament’s Committee for Humanitarian Affairs and Information Policy approved a draft law. This aims to protect national security and religious freedom. The legislative initiative, first adopted last October. It now Read more

  • Yes-no: Despite papal denial women’s diaconate talks persist

    Women's diaconate

    The women’s diaconate is a discussion that won’t go away. Pope Francis consistently says “no” when asked if women can be  deacons or join the Catholic clergy. But Francis supports discussion about the women’s diaconate. This October’s synod working document affirms “theological reflection should continue”. Since last December the Pope and his Council of Cardinal Read more

  • Catholic culture and local culture in culture clash


    Catholic inculturation in Cameroon must stop. This is the firm advice given to the Bishop of Kumbo in Cameroon. The Nso Cultural and Development Association (NSODA) has written a strongly worded letter warning the Catholic Church against adulterating their culture “in the guise of inculturation”. The Nso is one of the largest clans in Cameroon’s Read more