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NZ ‘s racist immigration policy needs to be changed Comments 0


Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon has criticised a “racist and discriminatory” policy against refugees from Africa and the Middle East, urging the Government to “fix it and make it fair”. The “family link” policy, introduced in 2009, prevents refugees from Africa and the Middle East from resettling in New Zealand unless they have family already Read more

Teach, but don’t preach Comments 0

religion in school

“I’d get in trouble with a lot of my fellow Christian ministers, but in schools, we don’t need Christian religious education, we need people to be literate about the religions that are in New Zealand,” said  Anglican vicar John Hebenton, shortly after the Christchurch Mosque massacre. His voice is one a many that are calling Read more

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Becoming through participating Comments 0

On this journey of becoming we have not been left to ourselves. We belong to a community of saints and sinners who share the journey and support one another. Our relationship with Christ is personal, but not private. It is in and through and with the community of his disciples. What Jesus did for us Read more

Preserving unity is every Christian’s duty Comments 0

Every Christian must preserve the communion of the Church; it does not mean uniformity but rather a way of living with differences. So says Father Sylvain Brison, ecclesiologist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic Institute of Paris. Brison unpacks the pope’s comments about schism in the Church with Anne-Bénédicte Hoffner. Are we Read more

Strong online boundaries make for the happiest relationships Comments 0


After a break-up, people could easily lose touch with their ex, who could move or change phone numbers. Tracking them down, sans Google or social media, was at least somewhat difficult. Today, that has changed. An ex may be far from one’s mind, until a photo of their wedding, or baby, or recent vacation pops Read more

Missionary parenting Comments 0

Can parenting be a missionary activity? In the current environment of secularity within the first world, where all belief systems compete for adoption, the Christian faith has distinct advantages. Much like the day of Elijah calling down fire as visible proof of the superiority of his God, the climate of secularity demands a new apologetic—one Read more

Abortion after 20 weeks gestation likely to be more frequent Comments 0

abortion law

In a submission to a Select Committee, Family First national director Bob McCoskrie stated proposed changes to abortion legislation would make late-term abortions more accessible and therefore more would occur. “Currently it’s only available for exceptional circumstances, danger to the life and health of the mother, or the child,” said McCoskrie “But in this bill Read more

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    • Man killed in traffic crash unavailable for comment

      No one will accuse Los Angeles reporter Sara Welch of not performing due diligence. The KLTA reporter became news after saying on live air that a man who was killed in a car crash could not be reached to tell his side of the story. Read more
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  • Pell’s last chance – special leave to appeal lodged Comments 0

    George Pell’s legal team has applied to Australia’s High Court for special leave to appeal the jailed cardinal’s child sex abuse conviction. Although special leave cases are not usually granted by the High Court, it’s possible Pell’s could be accepted. This is because judges at his appeal could not agree about Pell’s guilt or innocence. Read more

  • Evangelistion: Ecology, economy, politics Comments 0

    Ecology, economy and politics have everything to do with evangelisation. They are not an alternative to it, Pope Francis says. The topics will be discussed at next month’s Synod of Bishops on the Amazon. Francis’s mainly conservative, traditional Catholic critics say these topics distract from evangelisation. “What do ecology, economy, and politics have to do Read more

  • Attacks against pope aim to influence next conclave Comments 0

    Attacks against Pope Francis are “a fight between those who want the church dreamed of by the Second Vatican Council and those who do not want this,” says the Superior General of the Jesuits. Commenting on various issues where the Pope is currently under attack from his critics, Arturo Sosa SJ says there is no Read more

  • Child safety audit pass for Ballarat Catholic diocese Comments 0

    Catholic Professional Standards Limited’s first child safety audit has given the Ballarat Catholic diocese a tick of approval. The auditors found the diocese met 73 per cent of new safeguarding recommendations and is working on the remaining 27 per cent. The audit focused on the diocese’s approaches to child safety and structures for complaint response Read more

  • Clericalism’s day coming to an end Comments 0

    Clericalism is coming to an end, says Marie Collins, who is a clergy sexual abuse survivor from Ireland. However, Vatican officials needed “a safeguarding policy” in place ages ago to prevent abuse and address it when it occurs. Collins says a policy of this sort was promised at the Vatican summit on child protection in Read more