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What a difference the internet makes Comments 0

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If it wasn’t for their internet where would we be during the big lockdown? Many Catholic churches big and small around New Zealand are streaming daily Mass online. Many faith groups are having zoom and skype meetings. And many virtual communities are forming to meet and pray online. On its website, The Diocese of Auckland Read more

We do not have to leave the house to find God Comments 0

find god

At the heart of our faith is the fact that in Jesus, God comes to us. We do not have to leave home to find God. “In these days, in Jesus, God is coming to us, seeking to encounter us in the confines of our own homes,” said the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand in Read more

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In Reverse: Prayer in a time of isolation Comments 0

New Zealand is in “Lock Down”. Life as we have known it is completely changed as the nation, along with the rest of the world, wages war against an invisible but deadly enemy, Coronavirus, or COVID-19. You may have already been “self-isolating”; the “Lock Down” extends that directive to nearly everyone. Only essential services remain Read more

Vatican closed: Tour the Sistine Chapel free Comments 0


After a few weeks of social distancing, even — we hate to say it —Netflix is starting to get old. Same goes for all of the audiobooks and podcasts you’ve downloaded to cure your boredom. Luckily, there are countless virtual tours of museums, theme parks, and gardens to enjoy in these times. St Peter’s Square Read more

Confronting the COVID-19 virus: Thoughts of an ER doctor Comments 0

er doctor

When I talk to people about the COVID-19 virus, I try to start with some basic facts to make sure we are beginning from the same foundation. As a doctor, one of my biggest struggles is overcoming a culture of misinformation and a prevailing distrust of traditional sources of expertise. With the rise of the Read more

Stay quarantined, stay married, keep your friends Comments 0

quarantined and married

The policy of social distancing means that the newly homebound are seeing less of coworkers than they did just weeks ago. They’re seeing fewer friends too. But they might be seeing a lot more of their family, or their roommates. And that isn’t easy. For some, especially those who live alone, social distancing can bring Read more

Compassion Soup Kitchen now running 7 days a week Comments 0

soup kitchen

Wellington’s Compassion Soup Kitchen is responding to the increasing need, and is running seven days a week, rather than its normal six. It is considered an “essential service”. “We will provide kai for as long as we possibly can,” the Compassion Soup Kitchen management say in a statement. The Compassion Soup Kitchen has moved to Read more

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  • Urbi-et-Orbi: Francis faces coronavirus ‘tempest’ alone in St Peter’s Square Comments 0

    On a bleak Friday evening, from the atrium of St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis blessed the city of Rome and of the world. The ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing, ‘to the city and the world’, was delivered in an empty St Peter’s Square. In stark contrast, the blessing is normally given at Easter and Christmas when Read more

  • Confession and anointing the sick rules clarified Comments 0

    Rules about the sacraments of confession and anointing the sick during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have been clarified by the Vatican. Chair of the U.S. bishops’ committee on liturgy Archbishop Leonard Blair, sought the Vatican’s advice through the papal representative in the U.S., apostolic nuncio Archbishop Christophe Pierre. Pierre in turn checked with Archbishop Arthur Read more

  • Global ceasefire could save world from COVID-19 Comments 0

    A global ceasefire of all armed conflicts would help in the humanitarian battle against coronavirus (COVID-19), says Pope Francis. An additional humanitarian response needs to come from every government in the world, “to avoid tragedies” that could result from Covid-19 spreading in overcrowded prisons, Francis says. Francis issued these two passionate humanitarian appeals on Sunday. Read more

  • Industrial-scale deaths in one small town Comments 0

    Industrial-scale deaths and funerals have fallen to Father Mario Carminati’s lot since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic took hold in Italy. Clusters of coffins arrive every day and are laid on the floor of St. Joseph’s Church in the northern Italian town of Seriate. “Authorities didn’t know where to put the coffins,” Carminati says. When enough Read more

  • Argentina’s president asks priests for help with COVID-19 Comments 0

    Argentina’s president has asked priests to help the national government flatten the curve of coronavirus in slum areas. Aregentina has 4,500 shanty towns and illegal settlements. Seven priests – including Bishop Gustavo Carrara – who live and minister in the slums of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, met with President Alberto Fernandez last week. The priests’ Read more