CathNews New Zealand and Pacific reports news about and of interest to the Catholic Church, primarily in New Zealand and the Pacific, but also the world.

CathNews is as an expression of the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World, paragraph one:

“The joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the people of this age, especially those who are poor or in any way afflicted, these are the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of the followers of Christ. Indeed, nothing genuinely human fails to raise an echo in their hearts. For theirs is a community composed of human beings. United in Christ, they are led by the Holy Spirit in their journey to the Kingdom of their Father and they have welcomed the news of salvation which is meant for every person. That is why this community realizes that it is truly linked with humanity and its history by the deepest of bonds.”

Delivered twice-weekly primarily via a free email newsletter but also through various social media channels, the focus of CathNews’ interest includes:

  • Education
  • Economics, Tax, Banks, Financial Institutions, Infrastructure, Mining
  • Immigration
  • Child Care, Child Abuse
  • Family, Family Relations, Sexuality
  • Poverty, Substance Abuse, Unemployment, the Disadvantaged
  • Human Rights, Religious Freedom
  • Ecumenism, other religions and religious tolerance
  • Race Relations, Treaty of Waitangi Settlements, Tino rangatiratanga
  • Church: Reform, Liturgy, Priesthood, Bishops, Theology, New Religious Movements, Church Attendance, Women and Church, Society, Society and Church
  • Primary Industries e.g. Fisheries, Agriculture
  • Defence, Foreign Relations, Emergency aid, Foreign Aid
  • Science/Medicine: e.g. Reproductive technology Genetic Manipulation, Stem cells, Euthanasia, Climate Change, Energy
  • Information Technology, Nano Technology, Bio-technology, Artificial Intelligence
  • Inter-Church relations
  • The relationship between Society and the Church.

“Life is not simply a bare succession of events, but a history, a story waiting to be told through the choice of an interpretative lens that can select and gather the most relevant data. In and of itself, reality has no one clear meaning. Everything depends on the way we look at things, on the lens we use to view them. If we change that lens, reality itself appears different.” Pope Francis 2017 Communications Day message.

Launched in 2011, CathNews’ New Zealand and Pacific editorial headquarters are in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a service of Church Resources Ltd, New Zealand.

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