Hell Pizza chain dismally witless

The decision by the Hell Pizza chain to replace the cross with a pentagram on their hot cross buns, and then to market them with the slogan ” For a limited time. A bit like Jesus” has been described as pretty objectionable”… “on the grounds of its dismal witlessness alone”.

The Almighty’s divine feathers are unlikely to be ruffled by act of this school boyish humour on the part of some of the inhabitants on a small planet in a distant galaxy  “but it is hard not to feel some sympathy for Christians, who are implicitly characterised as humourless if they object to the articles of their faith being ridiculed, or at least exploited, for commercial gain” said the New Zealand Herald.

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland, Patrick Dunn, told the New Zealand Herald: “I suppose in some ways they are acknowledging that Jesus was around for a limited time, but a number of people might decide to boycott Hell Pizza for a while and I will be one of them.”


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