“Girls are too demanding”; McDonalds ad pulled

After a barrage of criticism from the Catholic Bishops in the Philippines, fast-food chain McDonalds has scrapped a television commercial.

The commercial showed two young children flirting with each, and a young girl asks a boy of the same age if she can be his girlfriend. The boy wasn’t interested and says that “girls are too demanding”, but after he discovers she plans to get some French fries, he smiles and they walk off to McDonalds.

“We recognise and respect the stand of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and have stopped airing the said commercial across all television stations,” McDonalds said.

The Catholic Bishops Conference asked for the ad to be pulled because it centred on having young children participating in an “adult-themed” commercial.

Bishop Deogracias Yniguez, said “We should be very sensitive and recognisant of the culture and the values of our country.”

About 80 percent of people in the Philippines are Catholic.


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