Killing of Osama – the normalisation of terror?

Is the way the world has reacted to the killing of Osama bin Laden the ultimate victory for the purveyors of terror; its normalisation?

What is the most compelling image we have relating to the killing of Osama?  “No, not the soon-to-be-released Bin Laden-shot-in-the-head photo (which could become one of the most viewed photographs in history), but the photo of the President and his advisers in the White House situation room.

Why amazing?

Because the President seems so small and peripheral to the action. He is hunched down, seated on the margins of the meeting, seemingly trying not to take up space. It appears as if he couldn’t even find a place to put his jacket.”  So writes Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic.

What is compelling about this picture is that it looks so civilised.

Some cheered and waved flags. We are told The Vice President of the United States took up his rosary beads. There are those that even manage to make jokes about the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The polls say most people are “relieved” that he is dead. Many are delighted, some gloating. Few condemn it.

According to a poll taken on Monday  60 percent of Americans are “proud” about the killing of Osama,  58 percent say they’re “happy” about it. But it’s relief that is the prevailing reaction: 72 percent report being relieved. 82 percent of Republicans say they’re relieved, as do 71 percent of Democrats and independents alike.

Far fewer Americans — just 16 percent — say they’re feeling “afraid” about the killing of Osama.


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