Why did Mara flee to Tonga?

Why did Mara flee? Ratu Tevita Mara himself said he fled because he had witnessed from the inside how power had corrupted and how the main players had forgotten their original objectives. He has criticised Fiji’s attorney general, saying he is the real power behind a “morally and intellectually bankrupt” Commodore Bainimarama.

Why did Mara flee? Crosbie Walsh says:

  • Forget  the story spread by journalist Michael Field on his blog last year that the fallout with the PM was all about sexual improprieties with both Pita Driti and Ratu Tevita implicated.  This may have been a factor,  but it was not the reason for his flight.
  • Forget also the accusation that Ratu Tevita was implicated in the $3 million missing from the Fiji Pine Trust, and alleged misuse of Lau provincial money. These also may have been factors but even collectively they are not the reason for the flight.
  • Forget also that there has been a major ideological break with Ratu Tevita no longer favouring multi-racialism. Prior to mid-2010 Ratu Tevita was frequently seen in Bainimarama’s company and the body language between them was good.
  • The central reason for the defection needs to be traced back to last October when Mara was sent on leave following the sexual allegations . The rumour at that time was that they had asked the President to ask the PM to step down.
  • Why did Mara flee? Michael Field suggests historical inter-Fijian rivalry

    Why did Mara flee? Australian National University senior researcher Jon Fraenkel says the regime has said there are records of mobile phone conversations which suggest Ratu Tevita and former land forces commander Brigadier General Pita Driti were involved in some kind of plot to dislodge the commodore.

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