One-third of world’s food is wasted

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation reported last week that one-third of the world’s food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted.

The organisation pointed the finger of blame at inefficiencies through the food supply chain.

Industrialised and developing countries consistently waste or lose around 660m tonnes each year, with rich countries wasting 222m tonnes. Waste by rich countries roughly equates to the entire food production of sub-Saharan Africa.

While in rich countries the wasted food is driven by consumers, the main issue for developing countries is food loss due to weak infrastructure: poor storage, processing and packaging.

Amid rising global food prices, the study says that reducing food losses in developing countries could have an immediate and significant impact on livelihoods in some of the world’s poorest countries.

The report argues that reducing reliance on large supermarkets could help cut food waste. It also encourages retailers and charities to work together to distribute unsold but perfectly edible food that would otherwise go to waste.

Attention to food storage, packaging and refrigerated delivery systems were key items for poor or developing countries to focus on.



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