Church leaders urge voters to choose social justice

A week or so ago the leaders of five New Zealand churches, those usually referred to as “mainline”, issued an election-time statement to the nation, urging voters to choose social justice

It is entitled “Towards a Robust Society.”  Garth George presents some excerpts from the essay.

“Every three years,” they say, “the electoral cycle reminds us of the inestimable value of democracy, and the opportunity for voter and candidate alike to actively participate in determining the future shape of our society.”

Defining how we understand ourselves as people in community, the churchmen say: “Underpinning each person’s vision for society will be a number of assumptions about what it means to be human … that can be characterised by two broad emphases. The first tends to regard each person primarily as an autonomous individual, each with his or her own needs, aspirations and interests.





Garth George  _ New Zealand Herald

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