WYD 2011 pumps $180m into Spanish economy

Organisers of World Youth Day 2011 are estimating the event will pump NZ$180 million into the Spanish economy.

Fernando Gimenez Barriocanal, World Youth Day’s finance manager, reported that “nearly NZ$90 million will come from abroad and will remain in Spain.”

The event’s organizers are now focused on increasing registration, especially among young people in Spain, by reminding them that a portion of their registration fees will go to a special fund to help young people from poorer countries attend the event.

Gimenez went on to say that 90 percent of the contracts for the events have gone to Spanish companies through a public bidding system.

The World Youth Day office in Madrid has also produced two new videos in order to draw more young Spaniards. The videos were created under the theme: “Some trains pass by only once in life.”

WYD 2011 will be held August 16 – 21 in Madrid, Spain.


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