Dialogue, not arms, solves global conflicts

Dialogue rather than arms is the solution to global conflict according to the official representative of Vatican politics, Archbishop Edumnd Farhat.

Farhat, speaking at the International conference on the global Fight against Terrorism in Theran insisted that charity, dialogue and pardon were the ways forward.

“There is no word for terrorism in my religion, Christianity,” Farhat said.

Meanwhile on Friday, Pope Benedict called for emergency assistance to be given to the thousands fleeing violence and attacks in North Africa and the Middle East.

“I pray that the necessary emergency assistance will be forthcoming, but above all I pray that every possible form of mediation will be explored, so that violence may cease and social harmony and peaceful coexistence may everywhere be restored, with respect for the rights of individuals as well as communities,” the Pope said.

Benedict was speaking at the AGM of the Vatican coordinating body, ROACO, where he appealled to all nations to explore “every possible form of mediation” to bring an end to the conflicts.



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