Church has a duty to enforce moral standards in its own community

Mark John Reynolds, commenting on the Catholic Church’s stand on same sex marriage, contends that the Catholic Church has a duty to enforce moral standards in its own community. “The line between church and state begins the moment a politician such as Andrew Cuomo walks through the parish door. When he stands in the pews, he is not governor of New York, but a man who is ignoring the moral teachings of his church in his personal and public life. Whatever his merits as a citizen, he has been a poor subject of Jesus,”  he says.

“When the governor of New York will not marry his lover, he sets a bad example for the rest of us, but at least his actions are private. His wealth, education, and power can soften the wages of immorality, but the pastors of the Catholic Church must deal with the millions of poor who immediately suffer if they follow his example. Redefining marriage so it is based on desire and not nature will make things worse,” says Reynold

Mark John Reynolds, Professor of philosophy Biola University. He blogs regularly at along with other faculty from the Torrey Honors Institute


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