‘Pastafarian’ allowed head covering

Niko Alm wanted to test an Austrian law saying that head coverings would only be allowed in official documents for religious reasons.

So the tongue-in-cheek atheist applied for a new driver’s licence in his country with a photo of himself wearing a pasta strainer as headgear.

Alm said he was a “pastafarian” and that the headpiece was required by his religion.

The application process took three years, but Alm said overnight (NZ time) that he’s now got his new licence.

Police officials in the mostly Catholic country did not sound amused. They said religion was never an issue in Alm’s case, and that he succeeded because he fulfilled the only criterion required: leaving his face fully visible in the photo.

Niki Alm

SPAGHETTI DEVOTEE: Niko Alm's driving licence features a photo of him wearing a pasta strainer













Source and image: Stuff

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