Paul Donoghue sm ordained Bishop of Rarotonga

Bishop Paul Donoghue carried in a 'sede gestatoria'

Fr Paul Donoghue recently the Provincial of the Society of Mary in Oceania was ordained Bishop of Rarotonga by Bishop Stuart O’Connell on Sunday last.

The people of the Diocese joined bishops, clergy and religious from across the Pacific; friends and family from New Zealand and elsewhere to see Paul Donoghue ordained Bishop.

Bishop O’Connell, the retiring bishop, was Principal Consecrator. He was assisted by co-consecrators: the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Balvo and Bishop Denis Browne of Hamilton, New Zealand, himself a former Bishop of the Cook Islands.

The traditional white Sunday best was seen everywhere together with an array of hats that could have could have outshone Ascot.  A beautiful ei (flower garland) had been made for every visitor and those who were not adorned with a hat had flowers in their hair.

The ceremony itself was a combination of Roman rite, Cook Islands style and human love and warmth. Bishop Stu and his organising committee had everything well prepared. The Papal Bull was read in Latin and English.

After the ceremony Bishop Paul was carried in a sede gestatoria – a tradition seen only in Rome and the Cook Islands.  Bishop Paul sat on top of his chair and was carried from the Cathedral of St Joseph towards the grounds of St Joseph’s School where the kaikai followed.

Looking relaxed Bishop Paul sat watching the performances, feasting, laughing and genuinely happy that the day and his welcome had been so successful.

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