Renewal – be the change you want to see

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” So said Mohandas Gandhi. This was also the theme of a homily presented at the opening mass for the 129th The Knights of Columbus Convention in Denver.

“Renewal begins not in vilifying others, but in examining ourselves honestly, repenting of our sins and changing ourselves. This applies to every baptized person, from the Pope to the average man or woman earning a wage. We are all sinners. We are all in need of repentance and God’s mercy. When we really understand that, we can speak to each other with both honesty and love, and restoring the mission of the Church can begin.”

The preacher was Archbishop Charles Chaput speaking on the feast day of St Peter Julian Eymard.

The Archbishop also spoke about the fact that the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin, once entered Eymard’s congregation as a lay brother, having given up art after the death of his sister. Eymand served as Rodin’s spiritual spiritual counsellor, and eventually sent him back to his work in the world as a sculptor, because he believed that Rodin glorified God more truly through the beauty of his art.

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Archbishop Chaput has led the Archdiocese of Denver since 1997, and has recently been appointed Archbishop-elect of Philadelphia.

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