Riots in London – Churches Respond

Many faith communities are working together on the front line after the riots in London and other cities and towns in the UK.

Haringey Citizens, is an alliance of civil-society institutions including St Ignatius Church and St Ignatius College. They are are part of Citizens UK, a national broad-based alliance of schools, colleges, universities, churches, mosques, synagogues, trade unions, social enterprises and community groups, which has been doing community organising in Britain for 22 years.

  • Around 200 people from all faiths prayed together at St Mary’s Church  for two hours and then walked to a public Vigil of Hope in Tottenham, north London. Alvin Carpio from St Igantius and a Haringey Citizens community organiser said  “We wanted to show the world that the majority of people here want peace and are not involved in this violence.”  Alvin said that while he could not condone the violence, he felt the fact that the government has cut 75 per cent of youth clubs in Tottenham as well as other social services,  had contributed to the crisis.
  • Sister Eugenia from St Ignatius Church, Co-Chair of Haringey Citizens said, “We acknowledge the social problems we face as a community, but do not condone the burning of homes, the looting of local businesses, nor the destruction of the heart of our neighbourhood. In the short term, we call for an end to the violence and looting. Tonight, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with other community leaders at the Vigil of Hope at High Cross in Tottenham.In the long term, we aim to continue our work in building accountable relationships with people, local institutions, the police, politicians and local businesses.”
  • Archbishop Nichols asks Catholics to pray
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  • The Muslim Council of Britain expresses its condemnation of the violence
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