Investigation: Aborted foetuses sold in capsule form

Seoul and Beijing have launched investigations into hospitals in China’s Jiln province, after reports in South Korea media have alleged capsules containing human remains are for sale in South Korea.

The capsules are reportedly being sold for therapeutic purposes such as boosting stamina.

According to South Korean broadcaster SBS, some hospitals in China apparently sold aborted foetuses after they were turned into a “human-flesh capsule” containing remains.

The capsules were allegedly sold NZ$900 per 100 capsules.

Asia News reports that South Korean customs authorities asked prosecutors to look into the matter. The South Korean government announced that it would work with China to stop this “horrific” trade.

Chinese officials said that they would take the necessary steps to end it, adding that China has “strict regulations” to handle the disposals of human remains.

China’s Ministry of Health spokesman, Deng Haihua said the disposal of infant and fetal remains, including placentas, is strictly regulated in China.

The fact it involves aborted foetuses simply increases the credibility of the reports, Asia News says.

According to SBS, retail prices for stamina booster pills in South Korea are ten times higher than in China.


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