Spider girl incident puts spotlight on Samoa Telcos

The two Samoa Telcos are being called to account as a result of the widespread distribution by mobile telephone of an explicit video made by a  St Mary’s College pupil, calling herself spider girl.

When the sex video story broke one of the mobile providers issued a full-page advertisement the very next day promoting a texting competition to win cash prizes.

“They are after money; that’s all they care about,” says the Chief Executive of Computer Service Limited (CSL), La’eimau Oketevi Tanuvasa, adding that both Digicel and Bluesky SamoaTel should be responsible enough to help people be more aware of the negative connotations of mobile phones.

Tautua Samoa Member of Parliament, Afualo Dr Wood Salele agrees.“I believe there is a negative moral impact of cellphones in our society,” he says.

“This is heavily promoted by Free Nights. These promotions interfere with the bedrooms of our families and children.”

He laments that, “in trying to satisfy our needs and wants based on the lives of developed countries is why we are at this stage.”

The level of competition between mobile phone companies is intense. Samoa now has more mobile phone users per capita than land line, thanks to the entry of telecommunications giant Digicel last year.


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