Let SAS decide how long they should stay

The death of Corporal Doug Grant has re-ignited discussion about New Zealand’s involvement in the war in Afganistan. How long should NZ troops stay?  Should SAS decide that for themselves? Perhaps they are the best judges of the situation.

Peace Movement Aotearoa have put a question on the their Facebook page and they are inviting comment:

“Speaking of democacry, or lack of to be more precise, what do you think of the idea that combat forces can decide when and where to deploy themselves and how long to stay there?”

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PMA is responding to an editorial in Wednesday’s New Zealand Herald  which states

“New Zealand’s highly respected troops should stay there for as long as they think it worthwhile. They are in the thick of it, they know what they are doing and should be allowed to see it through.”

The soldiers are  due to come home next March. “It will be not be a day too soon for those such as the Labour Party and Greens who think the mission serves only the interests of the Karzai regime,” says the editorial writer, “But the soldiers must see it differently. They will have come to know Kabul citizens and have some sense of their predicament.”

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