Fiji squad holds nightly church services

The Fiji squad holds nightly church services to help them bond as they prepare for the Rugby World Cup. Fiji’s strong Christian heritage had helped bind the side together since their arrival in New Zealand

The 30 strong  squad features 21 overseas-based players. “It’s a team literally from around the globe – all over Europe, Japan, France, New Zealand and Australia, as well as quite a few of us in the UK – and logistically it has been a bit of a nightmare getting us all in one place at one time,” says captain Deacon Manu

“Services are important for us as a team. Training hard and then a church service has brought us close”, says  Manu, who was raised in Taranaki

“We are a team that play hard but we always take that spiritual aspect with us on to the field; it’s part of the Fiji culture. It’s different to a lot of other teams but it’s a huge part of the guys’ growing up.”





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