The claims science and religion require legitimate scrutiny.

Naive credulity is dangerous in any field of knowledge. The claims science and religion both require legitimate scrutiny.

Being a person of faith does not exclude the legitimate scrutiny of the claims made in the name of religion. Failing to do so can give rise to cults, persecutions and the destruction of human dignity.

Science is not without its own of deceptions and dangerous and falsities. Being a scientist does just “not exclude”, but absolutely demands continuous scrutiny of its conclusions. There is such a thing as “junk science”.   People die “from pharmaceuticals or treatments that were after all, dangerous to our health,” says Michael Bresiani. “Add to that the scientific theories that lie scattered along the highway of good intentions, some labeled hoaxes, some labeled wishful thinking and others simply, honest mistakes,” he says

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Michael Bresciani is a conservative christian, the author of two Christian books, one that is entirely on the second coming of Christ. He is a contributing columnist for American Chronicle, American Daily and several other online news and commentary sites

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