Gold Award winning Article on Waihopai 3

Jim Consedine’s article  “With Joy- Filled Hearts”, recently won the Australasian Religious Press Association’s Gold award for the best story on Social Justice.

The article was about the trial of the Waihopai Three, priest Peter Murnane, teacher Adrian Leason and farmer Sam Land who had broken in to the Waihopai spy base in 2008 and slashed one of two inflatable domes.  They were found not guilty.

On 31  August this year The Wellington High Court has granted the Crown the right to seek US$1.2 million for the cost of replacing the dome.

Read Jim Consedine’s Column which was originally published in the Marist Messenger in June 2010.

Fr Jim Consedine was ordained in 1969. He has been a member of the Catholic Worker in Christchurch for 20 years and writes on peace and justice issues.

Image: Marist Messenger

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