Church in Ra raised money for School

The establishment of a high school  at Navunibitu in the Saivou district of Ra moved a step closer to reality when the Catholic Church raised money ($83,600) last week in a fundraising drive.

Organising committee chairman Iosefo Jone said the church had been working closely with the vanua of Saivou to build the first-ever high school in a district where more than 1000 resided.

He said the money would allow for the purchase of building materials for the first phase of development. The school will be built near the primary school at Navunibitu and will cater for the seven primary schools in the district.

“Parents have spent huge amounts of money sending their children to high school in other parts of the country,” Mr Jone said.

The province of Ra it has four zones – Nalawa, Rakiraki, Saivou and Nakorotubu.

Each zone has their own primary schools. Rakiraki Zone, with the advantage of its three secondary schools, handles all primary school feeders and also accommodates the rural to urban drift in searching for a place in one of these secondary schools.

At present the Saivou Zone, which consists of nine primary schools, has no secondary school to accommodate the flow of Class Eight into Form Three.


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