Climate Change – Archbishop calls for wisdom and compassion

climate change

The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne has called on the nation’s leaders to show great wisdom and compassion as they respond to the national and global effects of climate change.

In his President’s Address to the 50th Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne on Wednesday, Archbishop Philip Freier highlighted the plight of Australia’s Pacific neigbours. “This month the Pacific island archipelagos of Tuvalu and Tokelau declared states of emergency, having almost exhausted their drinking water supplies’ he said. “The Solomon islanders have suffered coastal erosion, threats to water supplies and food production and the costs incurred with flooding,”

He praised the passing of Federal legislation to price carbon, but criticised the carbon tax debate over the last year as being too focussed on the “short-term impact on our finances,” instead of the long-term effectiveness of carbon pricing and the relative merits of a carbon trading scheme compared with a carbon tax.




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