SSPX protests ‘scandal’ of Assisi pilgrimage

Leaders of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) have asked members to offer prayers of reparation for the “great scandal” of the peace pilgrimage to Assisi organized by Pope Benedict XVI.

Father Arnaud Rostand, the American district superior of the SSPX, labelled the inter-religious event as “a direct attack against the first Commandment of God.

Rostand announced a Day of Reparation for the SSPX in the US, urging the faithful to pray for the defense of the faith “especially against the rising ecumenism of our times.”

American SSPX leaders directed attention to an essay by Father Regis de Cacquery, the French district superior, denouncing the Assisi pilgrimage:

  • “How can anyone entertain the thought that God will be pleased with the Jews who are faithful to their fathers, who crucified the Son of God and deny the Triune God?
  • How could He give ear to prayers addressed to Allah, whose disciples relentlessly persecute Christians?
  • How could He accept the suffrages of all the heretics, schismatics, and apostates who have repudiated His Church, which came from His Son’s open side?
  • How could He be honored by the worship offered to idols by all the animists, pantheists, and other idolaters?”

de Cacquery labelled ‘this personal decision of the Pope’ as one that humiliates the Church.



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