Ignio – Pray and your ‘iPhone candle’ gets bigger

A new free iPhone application called Ignio is an innovative way for Catholics to encourage young people in their faith.

Ignio – “ignite” in Latin – is a free app which tracks users’ religious activity.

The App tracks everything from reading Scriptures to posting prayers – and reflects it in the flame of a virtual candle on the app that grows larger and brighter with every completed task.

The flame stays lit as long as one participates in a variety of spiritual activities, such as

  • posting prayers on Ignio,
  • commenting on friends’ prayer requests,
  • using the app to find a nearby church or
  • just to “check-in” to let friends know you are at church or were there that week.

Ignio also keeps track of how often one reads the prescribed daily Scriptures and verses found on the app.

Stray from the path or don’t use Ignio once within two-weeks and the flame burns out.

The flame is rekindled if another user physically “bumps” mobile devices with the holder of the extinguished flame.

“We’re lighting a candle of hope,” said Andres Ruzo, who helped create Ignio.

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” Ruzo said.

“It’s so simple,” Ruzo said. “The more you pray with others the bigger and brighter your candle glows.”

While Facebook users with hundreds of virtual friends appear popular, Ignio intentionally caps the friendship circle to 12 – a limit Ruzo said was inspired by the number of Jesus’ disciples.

The foundation has invested close to $60,000 in Ignio and plans to raise another $100,000 to $120,000 to develop the Android version, an Internet site, and support the operations of the Ignio back-bone servers.


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