Social networking undermining Philippines Catholic youth

Philippines youth day organiser, Fr Favie Faldas says the Internet and social networking is having a negative impact on youth and lessening the influence of the Catholic Church.

Faldas, head of the NYD Steering Committee said, social networks provide a way for people to openly the challenge the Church, whereas in the past people would not dare speak against the Church’s teachings.

“This postmodern age, we might come to the point (when) it’s not any more the Church age, the Church has lost its voice in a certain way. Maybe in our country, the Church is still strong but worldwide, we could see in other countries (the Church has lost its voice).” he said.

Faldas said “bad” influences coming from Facebook and Twitter could be an uphill battle, but the Philippines was not alone in the tough challenge it faces to combat them.

“This is already a sign that the influence of the Church, even in the predominantly Christian countries such as Spain, (is weakening). They openly defy the Church, before nobody would have the courage to do that.”

The priest said he wants the Church to do something about it and unless it does, the Church will be further undermined.

Education is the key Faldas said.



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