Some health workers believe prayer a cure for AIDS

A self assessment of transmission risks in Fiji  has revealed that a number of people, including health workers, believe prayer a cure for HIV infection.

Of the  respondents who voiced opinions on the matter, most expressed belief that most other Fijians believe in the efficacy of religious faith, herbal medicines, laying on of hands, Christian prayer and other means of treating if not also curing HIV.

During focus group discussions with health care workers, for example, when asked  “Are people going in for faith healing or prayer [to cure HIV]?”, three respondents said “Yes!” in unison. One of them said, “Yes, I came across a pastor who prayed, uh, I mean, uh, a patient, and then later found out that the patient became negative. And he was a positive case and then after, chain prayers and groups praying for him, you know, praying for him, it disappeared.”

Another told a very personal story: “I gave birth to my son in 2004, 2003, eh, and he was tested positive. Uh, we prayed for him, we fast for him. Uh, they have a final blood test for him that’s, uh, one year, six months, 18 months, so for first six months he was tested positive and we kept on praying for him. Turns out he was negative.”


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