A first: Anglican women priests outnumber men in UK

In 2010, women priests outnumbered male priests for the first time in the Church of England, reports Vatican Insider.

The latest available official figures for 2010 show that 290 women were ordained in 2010, compared with just 273 men.

For one of the most hotly debated topics in Church circles, this marks a historical moment. It is the first time in 20 years since the Church of England allowed women to become priests, that the number of women ordained outnumber men.

The report adds, “This certainly bodes well for a final ‘yes’ vote in July’s Synod that would allow women into the Episcopate”.


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  • Lindsay

    What a misconstruction of the facts. The headline and opening sentance of this article are a total lie. As the second paragraph states for the first time in 2010 women ordained exceeded men, and then by just 6%. It will take either a major loss of men from the priesthood or many, many more years of such numbers before there is anything approaching equality of men and women in the Anglican Priesthood.
    It is regrettable that “Vatican Insider” chooses to misrepresent the facts in such concerted scare campaigns supporting faulty doctrine.

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