Anglicans get temporary Cathedral – Silence over Catholic Basilica

On Monday 16 April the Anglican Church announced plans for the “transitional” cathedral designed by a top Japanese “paper architect”.

While public debate continues to rage over the decision by the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch to demolish Cathedral in the Square, columnist Jane Bowron notes there has been relative silence over the future of the Catholic Basilica in Babados St. She asks why the Catholics have been  “allowed to get on with their decision- making processes in relative peace, while the Anglicans have to fight it out in the streets and letters to the editor pages of The Press?”

“I suspect there remains in Christchurch the notion of old that the Catholics are still regarded as peripheral, parked over on the edge of town in an area back in the day that was next to the gas works that turned the cathedral a nicotine yellow.” she says



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