Catholics from across the US come out in support of their nuns

US Catholics have come out in support of their nuns whom the Vatican accuses of having serious doctrinal problems.

The Washington Post reports rallies are planned or have already been held from Anchorage, Alaska to Boston, organized by the loose-knit Nun Justice Project, a coalition of lay reform groups.

Fr Doug Koesel, a Cleveland priest who has gone public with his support for the sisters, says the Vatican action is an undeserved slap in the face to dedicated and educated women, and the anger it has created could trigger a major exodus from the pews.

“It’s another event in which the people are disappointed in the leadership of the Catholic Church,” said Koesel.

“This has the potential to be damaging to the church in the United States. Many Catholics have already walked away.”

Koesel encouraged the parishioners of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Clevelend, to support the nuns.

“The nuns were there for us. Let us be there for them,” Koesel wrote in a weekly church bulletin.

He said in an interview with the Washington Post that the church hierarchy should be concentrating on issues that matter – poverty, war, ecology – “not investigating who’s following what law.”

US Catholic nuns began a three day meeting Wednesday (NZ time) in Washington, to determine their response to the Vatican’s reprimand.

In an atmosphere of prayer, contemplation and dialogue the nuns intend to plan their move slowly, not rushing to judgment.


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