Exploited Fijian women work 7 days a week for NZ$40

A Wellington business woman is in court on a charge that she exploited Fijian women who say that she treated them as slaves.

Two Fijian women have described how for months they worked seven-day weeks for $40 (US$30) in the home of the Wellington businesswoman who is charged with exploiting them.

“I was just like a slave to them. I did not feel free at all,” one of the women said in a written statement, included in court committal papers obtained by The Dominion Post.

She was told that, if she didn’t like her conditions, she could go to work at a strip club.

Her former boss faces 12 charges, including exploiting people not entitled to work in New Zealand by not paying the minimum wage or holiday allowances, providing false information to an immigration officer, and helping or procuring a breach of a visitor’s visa.

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