Same sex adoption – different rules for men and women?

If the the law is changed to allow same sex adoption will the new law treat female couples and male couples equally?

Under existing law it is illegal for a single male to adopt a female. If the law is changed to allow same sex couples to adopt, will a male couple be allowed to do so?

Is there a distinction to be made between the effect on a child of being raised by two women, and the effect on a child of being raised by two men?

The law already makes a distinction between men and women says John Roughan, single men can get an adoption order only for boys.

He points out that the act (section 4, subsection 2) expressly excludes adoption of a female by a sole male applicant unless there are exceptional circumstances.

“I suppose the legislators had heterosexual men in mind. It will be interesting to see what Ms Kaye and co-reformer Kevin Hague will do with that clause if they produce a bill to include male couples” says Roughan.

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John Roughan is a Weekend Herald Columnist

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