Study of children of same gender parents is flawed

A recently released study suggesting children of same gender parents fare worse than others is flawed because it does not compare children living with parents in stable same gender relationships with children living with parents in stable heterosexual relationships.

“In fact, only a small proportion of its sample spent more than a few years living in a household headed by a same-sex couple,” says Nathaniel Frank.

“Indeed, the study acknowledges that what it’s really comparing with heterosexual families is not families headed by a same-sex couple but households in which parents broke up. ‘A failed heterosexual union,'” he says.

Franks says it is not news to conclude  “that when families endure a shattering separation, it is likely to shatter the lives of those in them.”

“The trouble is that no scholarly research, including the Regnerus paper, has ever compared children of stable same-sex couples to children of stable different-sex couples, in part because an adequate sample size is hard to come by, ” he says.

Read Nathaniel Frank’s Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times

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Dr Nathaniel Franks is  a Senior Research Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an adjunct professor of history at New York University.



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