New Zealand Bishops ban spiral bound version of new missal

The New Zealand Bishops’ Conference has made it clear that only the officially approved new missal may be used for the celebration of the liturgy in churches in New Zealand.

Having been made aware of the fact that a spiral bound version of the new missal has been published by the Catholic Publications Centre (CPC), similar to the one in common use before the new official missal was published, the Bishops’ Conference has once again stated that only the officially approved missal is to be used.

In his most recent newsletter to parish priests and church leaders the Archbishop of Wellington, John Dew, said, “Besides the fact that CPC do not have the copyright from ICEL to print these other Missals, they have also provided these contrary to the wishes and the instruction of the Bishops Conference.”

Archbishop Dew said that the Bishops’ Conference agreed that nothing was to be used other than the officially approved new missal. “Therefore, please note that in the Archdiocese the only Missal to be used is the formally approved Missal which came into use on 24th April.”

“All Parish Churches and Mass Centres where Masses are celebrated regularly in the Archdiocese should have a copy of the Missal and Companion,” he said.

Archbishop Dew said that if any one finds the purchase of the approved new missal to be a financial burden, they could contact him.

The Archbishop also suggested another smaller, more portable publication as being suitable for private use.


  • The Archdiocese of Wellington
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