Rupert Murdoch’s religious odyssey includes papal knighthood

Last week Rupert Murdoch launched a bitter crusade against the Church of Scientology. Initially this was interpreted as being a long-held grudge against the cult’s alleged attempt to seduce his son, Lachlan, with overtures from its highest-profile member, Tom Cruise.

However, Murdoch’s comments on religion drew attention to his long personal history of religious affiliations, the Catholic Herald reports.

In January 1998, Murdoch, a non-Catholic, but a generous benefactor to the Catholic Church, was made a papal knight of the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great. Beside him in the ceremony in Los Angeles was his second wife, Anna, a Catholic.

Many Catholics were horrified that a purveyor of sleaze, tabloid sex, scandal and nudity was blessed with papal recognition.

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