Rosary Plus: My New Favorite Rosary App

In the course of my search for the perfect rosary app, I have downloaded and tried dozens. So far, only three have made the cut to “Essential” level, and only iRosary remains of the three that were on the list when I wrote that article.

But now, thanks to the new Rosary Plus iOS app from St. Clement ePress, I might just have a real contender for that ever-elusive perfect rosary app. (Well, on second thought, it might be a tie with iRosary.)

What I love about Rosary Plus: It’s easy to use.

Though I think it should be required, I find that many rosary apps are not intuitively easy to use, even for me, a wannabe techie and an admitted rosary geek. Rosary Plus IS easy to use: you tap the beads to pray. Period. It’s that easy. And when you need help, it’s easy to find. Continue reading

Image: St Clement Press

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