Book Launch: Mana Māori and Christianity

On Thursday, at Te Tumu, University of Otago, the  Presbyterian Church launched a book which examines features of the growth, development and adaptation of the Christian faith among Māori people and considers ways in which that development has contributed to shaping New Zealand identity and society. It explores questions of theology, historical development, patterns of socio-cultural influence and change, and the fruits and failings of Pākehā interactions with Māori.

Mana Māori and Christianity examines encounters between Maori and the Christian church. It looks at how the development of Christian faith among Māori has changed over time from the missionary endeavours of Pākehā settlers, to the development of indigenous expressions of Christian faith, to co-operative partnerships between Māori and Pākehā in the mainline churches, and to the recent emergence of the Destiny Church.

Mana Māori and Christianity  includes:

  • Rev Wayne Te Kaawa ‘A Gifted People: Maori and Pakeha Covenants Within the Presbyterian Church’
  • Rev Jonathan Te Rire ‘Hihita me nga Tamariki o te Kohu’
  • Dr Lachy Paterson, ‘The Rise and Fall of Women Field Workers within the Presbyterian Maori Mission, 1907-1970’
  • Professor Murray Rae, ‘The Subversive Theology of Rua Kenana’
  • Dr Hugh Morrison, ‘Representation of Maori in Presbyterian Children’s Missionary Literature, 1909-1939’.

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