Fr Kevin Barr quits Fiji’s Wages Council

Fiji’s Wages Council chairman Father Kevin Barr has told the Fiji Times he has resigned from his position on the Wages Council.

However the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment has not received any formal notice of Barr’s resignation.

On Sunday night, Minister Jone Usamate said neither he nor his permanent secretary Taito Waqa had received any formal resignation.

On Friday Barr told the Fiji Times that he had resigned from his position in protest for workers on poor wages and because of the decision to put on hold the 10 new Wages Regulation Orders (WROs) 2012 until October-end this year. He said another reason for his resignation was because the government was allowing employers to dominate the 10 Wages Regulations Orders without taking into consideration the plight of the workers.

He said the employers were given utmost priority in Fiji while the workers had been suffering with low wages.

“For how long will the workers suffer and for how long will they live in poverty?” he asked.

Fr Barr said many studies had proven that low wages in Fiji were one of the biggest factors leading to poverty.

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