The Logos ICE programme keeps kids cool

Youth development has kept the Logos Project busy all year.

In Auckland the Logos Project (the Marist Youth Ministry Trust) team runs programmes based in one of three core areas of church, schools and community. All have youth and faith at their centre.

This school term, the Logos Project is running a community-based programme called ICE (I can excel) at St Paul’s College, a Marist brothers school in Ponsonby, Auckland. Lome Brown, a youth worker at the Logos Project, says that team members receive instant feedback from the young people on the programme. He says, “We have received an excellent response to the programme. St Paul’s staff members choose these students, believing they will benefit from the support such a programme provides. This programme helps them to understand that not only can they achieve, they can excel.”

“With most of the Logos Project team involved in the preparation and delivery of the 10-week programme, including group mentoring and a weekend retreat for the 21 boys involved, it takes smart planning and skilled execution to deliver what the boys need. To assist the team, funds donated specifically for this programme have come from the Sky City Trust.”

The Logos Project’s schools work includes programmes at five Catholic schools in the Auckland Diocese. Initiatives include sacramental programmes, supporting Mass, liturgy groups, special character groups and retreats for different year levels for these schools. Jen Martinez, Schools’ programme leader says, “We also run a volunteer (connectors) programme, where we train, mentor, and upskill young people to support us and this proves invaluable in programmes like ICE. It’s very much a win-win situation.”

Lome Brown adds, “The ICE programme provides the young people with opportunities for new experiences; for building positive relationships; for support where it is needed. It seems a daunting task but it gives us the chance to facilitate some positive outcomes.”


  • Bruce Craig
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