Massive fundraising would be required to relocate Aubert Childcare centre

Efforts are being made to find an alternative site for the Aubert Childcare Centre. The Centre’s board chairman Kelvin Wong said about five options had come to light last week.

Wong said a massive fundraising exercise would be required to fit out a new building, and they hoped a decision would be made in the next couple of weeks as to whether a move would go ahead.

“We have to see whether the teaching team and the parents are supportive of that, because it is a bit of a geographical shift.” They would then have administrative and operational issues to tick off, including resource consent, he said.

The Sisters indicated that if a site was found, they would consider keeping the centre open until a new one was ready.

Mother Aubert Home of Compassion Trust Board chairwoman Sister Margaret Anne Mills was aware there were alternatives being looked at, but had not seen any formal proposals yet.

Whether they could allow the centre to remain on site depended on timing and the costs of keeping the asbestos environment safe.

But the Sisters would help with relocating the centre in any way they could.

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