The too-much-information age

A man walks into a bar is the opening line of a joke. A man walks into a movie theater is the opening line of a homicide investigation.

This is the hottest summer in recorded Colorado history. There are forest fires in the mountains. There is gunfire in the city.

On the morning we awoke to the murders in Aurora, I was packing to leave for Disneyland. To our surprise, for end-of-life care is expensive, my mother left a small sum to be divided among her children. I wanted to spend my inheritance as I thought she might have spent it, for something fun. My daughter and I made plans to take the four oldest grandchildren to Disneyland and then to visit family in nearby Los Angeles. Our younger son and his wife, teachers on summer vacation, agreed to join us.

At the last minute, my daughter decided to bring Leo, her 2-year-old son, along on the trip. Read more


Melissa Musick Nussbaum is an NCR columnist.

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