Men struggle in modern marriages

It’s time society listened to men struggling to find the tools for survival in their relationships, writes Bettina Arndt.

“There’s got to be something more than this!” This howl of discontent comes from Alex, a thirtysomething married executive, one of four Aussie males romping their way through Certified Male, the blokey comedy playing around Australia.

Alex rarely questions the 65-plus working hours he puts in each week. He’s always agreed with his wife, Sam, that he has to work long hours so she can be there for the kids. Besides, she’s got her charity work and, as she says, there’s no point in her taking up a job just for the sake of earning money, is there? All her friends at book club totally agree.

But during the days Alex spends with his mates on a work retreat, his alienation in his marriage starts to surface. ”I get into bed next to my wife and it’s the loneliest place on earth.” He determines he’s going to have it out with her. Read more


Bettina Arndt is an Australian sex therapist, journalist and clinical psychologist.

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