Fiji Methodist Church invites government to pay attention to God

Political leaders in Fiji have been invited by the Fiji Methodist Church to form the new constitution in line with God’s plan for the world.

Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu is the newly appointed president of the Fiji Methodist Church. At the University of the South Pacific seminar run by the Constitution Commission on Thursday night, Mr Waqairatu said that the government of Fiji is at a critical point.

He pointed out that Fiji is a pluralistic society and went on to say “Their positive inter-church relation in the ecumenical circle and mission should enrich their corporate ministry in the country”.

He also said that Islam, Hinduism and other faiths make a contribution to the nation, and this reality must be acknowledged.

Close understanding between religious groups and the government, allied with ongoing communication, would ensure a positive future for the country.

“Fiji has been ravaged by the coup-culture with its negative repercussions psychologically embedded in the minds of the people, especially the young generation, whose behaviour has been heavily affected by the noted phenomenon,” he said.


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